Saturday, June 25, 2011

Guest Blogging - Mrs. Dad

I’m temporarily taking over Cory’s blog, as you can see he has been a bit negligent lately :-) Between school and chasing after mobile twins, I can’t say I blame him.

The Puterbaugh home has been quite the hub of activity lately, as both of our little ones are on the move-move-move. Gracie began officially crawling around the 6 ½ month mark, and Silas had perfected his army crawl by 7 months. Silas has now followed sis’s lead and is up on all fours consistently, however when the cat is within a short distance, he reverts back to his low to the ground positioning for quickest speed. Poor Mr. Fat Sam still hasn’t learned that a swishing tale within 5 feet of two 8 months old does not a happy cat make.

Over the past week, both of our little ones have decided that crawling is for 7 month olds, and standing up is what 8 month olds do! Grace started us out on the “pulling up” journey, and Si would watch her intently. Once he figured out that she could get to more things up there, he started on his vertical path. Now every item in the house has become a prime spot to use for balance, as they look around the world from this new perspective. Little Goo Goo was actually standing up in her crib when I went to get her this morning, what a neat surprise!

The babies have began to find each other quite amusing, and have frequent yelling contests. One yells loudly while the other giggles and listens, then the other yells back while smiles are returned. It is adorable to watch, and most commonly occurs during feeding time in the high chairs. The interaction continues when we are in the basement for play time, Grace will be quietly on her belly examining the carpet, or crawling toward toys, when Silas sees her. He then scoots quickly to her and climbs up her back, sometimes biting her diaper along the way. Depending on her mood, she either giggles as he flattens her, or screams out to us for help. When the former occurs, it is baby wrestling time, until someone grabs an ear or goes for an eyeball. Until that point, it is quite amusing.

We took the babies to the doctor last week and Silas hasn’t gained much weight (currently around 17.6 lb) but Gracie gained about a pound in a month (14.4 lb)…we were so excited, she is such a little peanut, this was a huge victory! It isn’t a surprise to us that she is little, since she doesn’t enjoy food very much. We have tried all types, all textures, all varieties, and the only thing that she consistently will eat is Yobaby organic yogurt. Needless to say, I would recommend buying stock in Stoneyfield Farms because we are going to have to clear the store out once a week! Both babies are big fans of Baby Mum Mums (an organic rice rusk), they get excited when they see the package. It is adorable to watch them chew with only two bottom front teeth. Silas is our big eater, and he will always finish anything we try (unsuccessfully) to get Grace to eat.

Today we went to Elkhart (rough drive, kiddos still are NOT fans of being in the car for an hour) for my cousin's baby shower. It was a beautiful shower, and lots of fun. Congrats to Kimberly and Michael! Afterwards, we stopped at the Drive In so Papa could see his babies, and so the babies could see the Drive In! Some deep fried pickles and ice cream later, off we went back home. Long, but great day.

All in all, life so much fun, I wake up and want to pinch myself when I realize I get to be their mom for another day!