Thursday, April 21, 2011

Look What I found...

What a busy week we have had with lots of new activity, so where do I start? Today we hit the big 6 month mark...hard to believe.

Well let's see, Silas has found his weiner and every given chance he is naked the hand goes directly to it, pretty funny.

Everyone is rolling and scooting all over the place and it looks like within a week or so they will be fully crawling. It seems both have found their voices and love to scream out loud.

Sleeping was getting pretty bad again with all the moving and rolling in bed so we had to invest in some bumpers to keep arms and legs from sticking out of the crib. Since regular bumpers can cause suffocation, we bought "breathable" bumpers that are mesh. It's a certainty one of them wakes up every 4-5 hours to eat and then go back out. You can tell when Silas is up for good when he doesn't wake up upset, instead he wakes up talking and hooting and hollering.

They both can get up on all fours now and Grace has mastered the art of the log roll. The only problem is she only goes one way so she eventually runs out of room so you have to turn her around and back she goes. No teeth yet so I'm starting to wonder if I jumped the gun on the teething time and should have just put "I love to put everything I touch in my mouth" time on the previous blog posting.

It does seem that every milestone we need to hit has been right on track, so it's encouraging to see things going so well. With the eating at an all time high, the supply of milk is gone sometimes and we have to resort to formula. Why does the formula smell so bad? We hate to use it but, lets face it, as impressive as Sarah's boobs are, they can only do so much. She tried to FCC that comment out, but I wouldn't let her censor me!Anyway, we've been lucky we haven't had to use formula earlier on.

Thank you to Kimberly Courtney for the wonderful cupcake book and many cupcakes will be coming your way for you, Greg, and Macy. My first class at Cornerstone is over and wow, I got an A- in Leadership Studies, who knew. Lets get some warm weather already I need to walk off some winter cabin fever.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

The land mine field

Having hardwood floors is great, except at night in a quiet house when trying to get a baby asleep. Trying to avoid every squeak is like walking through a mine field and I think I have every spot on the floor mapped out in my head to avoid the squeak explosion.

This weekend's weather was so beautiful we went on a walk through Celery Flats with Nancy, Trevor, and Baby Jack. The walking was well needed on account of my lack of exercise I now get and I was pretty wore out by the end of the day. At my old job I walked about 5 miles a day and now I lay on the floor and play tummy time. Other then the "march of the babies" we perform every night to get them to sleep, this walk was long over due. Everyone did well until about 3/4 of the way through... they got a little restless and wanted to be held. So thankfully Nancy was kind enough to push an empty stroller as baby Jack was the best baby ever and slept most of the way. I think going to the grocery store earlier in the day threw our schedule off a little bit but it was still a wonderful day.

Silas has started reaching his hands out to be picked up now and it sure warms the heart when he reaches out for you. He seems to be doing something new or improving on old things everyday. Grace seems to have learned how to squeal in this really high pitch sound that I'm sure hurts the dogs ears, as it comes at the most random of times. It sounds like a cross between a warrior cry and a hyena. She finds it hilarious and smiles when she does it, which in turn, makes Sarah and I crack up.

Sarah took the babies outside on a blanket today, and it is so strange to think that this is the first time they really were in the sunlight. Even though she had them in the shade, the still kept their eyes squinted. Silas kept rolling over and wiggling his way to the edge of the blanket, and successfully got a fist full of grass twice. Luckily Sarah was quick enough to grab it from him before it made it into his mouth. The time sure is flying by so fast and I hope this warm weather lasts so we can move this craziness outside in the yard. Thank you to all the people who follow and read this blog and for the great feedback.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

A Loving Spoonful

We are officially rolling everywhere and when I say we, I mean Silas has finally became an old pro at rolling. It seems like once he figured it out he can't stop doing it which means at night he wakes himself up by rolling over. They both are now getting on their knees and starting to scoot forward to get toys, how exciting! Soon enough it will be total chaos with me chasing them around the basement, and Sam the cat will get quite the work out (which he needs). Feeding with the spoon is in full effect and we had tried many items with no allergic reactions from anyone. Bananas seem to be the favorite, along with green beans and peas. Baby food making has been really successful and quite inexpensive we found out compared to buying jars. Plus we get everything organic so we know what were feeding them. With all this feeding comes the negative which has been the rainbow of colors we get to open up at diaper changing time... and no there isn't gold at the end. I'm starting to think Silas will be a drummer because he bangs his hands all the time while eating and playing. I can't wait to see if he can pick up on playing drums like I did. Grace could be a gymnist with the flexabilty as we were witness to her sucking her toe the other day. Once everyone gets mobile I will be posting video of what we will be calling baby races. I haven't yet decide if bets can be placed but it could be a fun idea. Of course I'm sure we will have our fair share of baby fights too. This week I will be making cupcakes for Jen's baby shower at Sarah's work, so if your attending you will be feasting on a chocolate with strawberry frosting, topped with a strawberry and a vanilla with cherry frosting, topped with a nilla wafer cookie. So I hope they turn tasty for the shower. A big congratulations goes out to Sarah's brother Jay and wife Mandy who just found out they are expecting. On a lighter note nap time has been falling around the same time as the price is right so I've been watching of course. I noticed that either everyone in the audience is having a birthday, or you get picked if it is your birthday. Oh what my life has become lol.