Friday, July 20, 2012

It happened again.

So after last week's poo on the floor accident, we kept Si in his diaper for as long as possible...but how do you stop the poo in the tub? That's right, bath time was cut short this week by not Si, but Grace and a floating turd monster in the tub. It was like the scene from caddy shack as we grabbed them and yanked them from the tub. So once again I got to clean it up and scrub the tub clean of the poo. Oh but wait a minute, why did I clean this up? Other then the fact I'm nice? It's because Sarah had to clean up another brown present from "Mr. Shit" himself, Si. He ran off on another bath time evening as we were putting them in the tub. He went into Grace's room to do his business and baked a brownie right on her floor. So not getting new carpet in the house when we moved in was a wise decision and you probably think we have a nasty house; actually I keep a really clean house and as the old saying goes "shit happens". Well enough talk about dropping a deuce... I think I'm running out of creative words to call it anyway.

We have been taking full advantage of the pool and the kids love being in their "boats" (swim floats) finally and no one has pooed in the pool......yet. As we were enjoying the pool playing motor boat and bumper boats, I was spinning Si around in his float and my thumb nail scratched his nose and under his eye. Poor little fella had blood on his face and still wears the scratch a few days later. I felt bad and made sure to trim my nails extra close this time. Of course he wanted Mama after it happened and kept saying "dada dada blah blah" (not sure exactly what he was saying because he was crying, but I know he was not happy with me.

Grace finally has long enough hair to put in a ponytail which Sarah has been wanting to do forever, so it was a pretty big deal. She leaves it in for a minute so we can show her in the mirror, giggles, but then takes it out. I'm sure in time she will be asking for it.

They both are doing very well at naming colors and Si today was separating his blocks into piles by  colors. I was pretty impressed with that because I had really only showed him how to do that a few times. It was pretty neat to see. They are picking up on so much lately with identifying letters too. G & S have been copying everything we do so we have to be careful what they see so they don't try to mimic it. A perfect example happened one afternoon this week. Sometimes one or both kids are awake and hanging out in our room, watching Sarah get ready for work; contacts, make-up, etc. Later one day, Grace picked up some small plastic thing and tried to put it in her eye like a contact. She was watching Sarah in the morning put her contacts in and decided to be like Mama. Luckily she wasn't successful!

Thanks to everyone who reads this blog and feel free to share if you like.

Mr. Mom Moment of the Week: Here are a few of the interesting things you may hear throughout the week.
                     "No that doesn't go in your ear"
                     "Si get off of Gracie's head"
                     "Grace don't kick Si"
                     "No don't poke the dog in the eye"
                     "Take that out of your mouth, it's dog food"
                     "That's gonna... yep I bet that did hurt"
                     "Clean up time again"
                     " NO, nope, no, no and no"