Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Did that just happen?

Due to the heat over the last 2 weeks it was just too damn hot to do anything so I took a break from writing. It's been a crazy past couple of weeks and we had a lot going on, so here we go.

Our new playset almost caused us a trip to the emergency room and added to my growing number of grey hairs; how you ask? Well as Grace and I were swinging the baseball bat I look out of the corner of my eye to see Silas do a flip over the top of the playset and land on his back in the grass. I couldn't see exactly how he landed because he fell inside of the set and  my view was blocked. I saw enough with his feet in the air that it wasn't pretty and then heard the crying. Luckily he was OK after some holding and me checking every bone in his body wondering how nothing got broke, soon he was back at it. Things happen fast and I can't be everywhere every second but that will not happen again on my watch!

The yard is so dry and pokey that Grace gets about half way out and the realizes that her feet hurt so she stands there whining until we go get her, so she now needs shoes when we go outside to play. Si doesn't really care he just loves to run and NOT LISTEN when I ask him to come back. I have a feeling he may be the first to have a trip to the hospital for a broken arm or stitches. The boy has no fear but yet when we went to the beach he didn't like the waves. I don't know why but he didn't like them. He ran from them like they were monsters and was yelling for his "Mama Mama!" Grace laid down on the sand and loved it so much... she even took a wave to the face and was fine. They really seemed to do well at the beach and we are planing to go back soon as Sarah can get some days off work.

After the heat spell kept going on and on we decided what the hell, let's put our little pool up. I really didn't want to this year because it kills the grass but as bad as the grass is this year and  with the heat who cares! I rolled it out only to find a punk ass mouse had chewed three holes in it! A couple of patch jobs later and she is up and running looking ghetto as ever with clear hole patches  and an extension cord to run the pump. We keep it real! The kids love it and Sarah likes to get in, so what can I do?

This past week we had Malarie stay all week and she was a huge help. She interacts so well with Grace and Si and is never afraid to help out when we ask.  At nap times she helped me by putting Grace to bed. She did great and it was fun having her here.  So another great adventure in the books and off for some more excitement and grey hairs.

Mr. Mom Moment of the Week: This may be the best ever and is gonna be hard to top. So every night as it gets closer to bath time when the kids need a diaper change we try not to put them in one so we don't waste a diaper for just 10 more minutes of time, every once in awhile a stray stream might escape but nothing too bad. Well we will not do that anymore! As we are sitting watching naked Si run around the living room he goes over to play with a toy like nothing out of the ordinary and proceeds to squat and drop a deuce right on the floor like a dog! We quickly fall into action and grab him before he does anything else or decides to play in it. If we wouldn't have seen it I would have thought it was one of the dogs and blamed it on them. Who got to clean up that mess? You guessed it, me! Why? I have no idea I just did it out of habit and still in shock of what had just happened. So Si: when you get older I will always have that against you and say not only did I wipe your ass but I picked up your shit from the floor. Someday I expect you to do the same.

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