Sunday, November 14, 2010

Sleep? Who needs it

Three weeks in and night time is still rough. We get a couple hours here, a couple there, but nothing too steady to get excited about. I know people say to sleep when they sleep during the day but if we did that we would never eat or get house work done. Grace has decided she wants to change outfits every hour (seriously) she likes to do this spitting thing that soaks her shirts after she eats. We changed 9 outfits in one day and we go through burp rags like crazy. We are about a week away until we go from preemie diapers to newborns, which will save some money and they come in bigger packages. The average is still arond 15 or more diapers a day and the wet strip indicator on huggies is awesome. Silas still likes to try and pee on you when you change him but we have a system of covering him up with kleenex to block any potential spray. All in all, we are great and slowly advancing in every area and looking forward to what tomorrow brings.

We also went on our first walk through the neighborhood, pics below. Silas and Grace slept the whole time!

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