Monday, November 29, 2010

Acid Reflux, gas, and blocked tear ducts, oh my!

What a long 2 weeks it's been... I couldn't even have the time to post anything. It appears the little ones have acid reflux, which has been the culprit to the lack of sleep. We had them on a medication for almost a week and a half, but no success so we are currently on another one for 4 days now. If this doesn't work, it seems pointless to give them medication with no results. So we can only ride this out until things improve...maybe we can sleep more then 2 hours at a time someday. I did get to sleep a normal 8 hours on thanksgiving, thanks to Nana and what a difference. I'm not sure if I have ever slept so good. Unfortunately Nana didn't sleep at all and got a taste of what Mr. Silas is like a night. I have found out that they have a sense of when I'm just getting ready to lay down and they apparently don't like that. I can stare at them for an hour while they sleep, and the minute I lay down they get me back up. Oh well, what can you do but keep fighting through the lack of sleep and nap when you can. I have found out when they are crying, turning on the vacuum cleaner quiets them down almost instantly. So we now have the cleanest floors in town and the vacuum cleaner lives in the living room. If anyone has some ideas that they know of or heard of to help with acid reflux please leave me a comment.

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