Sunday, December 12, 2010

Team Silas vs Team Grace

At night we each take a baby, rather then both get up at the same time since Grace falls sleep faster then Silas. So because of work, I get Grace at night and it seems my baby sleeps longer and is less fussy. Now Sarah can say Silas has gas issues and therefore dosen't sleep as well, but it seems Grace lets me get more sleep. By doing things this way we have formed a seperate bond with each baby makeing it my team against her team to get the most sleep at night... so far Team Grace is ahead. "Team Grace" set a record with an astounding 4hrs in a row the other night, while team Silas only accomplished a one hour sleeping streak. It seems things are slowly getting better and man are they gaining weight fast. We can only hope some of the issues will work themselfs out over time (acid reflux, gas, etc).

P.S. Everything I've read in the books and magazines about sleep dosen't work, so I may write my own method on sleep...or lack thereof.

Below are some new pictures, they sure have grown fast!

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