Thursday, April 21, 2011

Look What I found...

What a busy week we have had with lots of new activity, so where do I start? Today we hit the big 6 month mark...hard to believe.

Well let's see, Silas has found his weiner and every given chance he is naked the hand goes directly to it, pretty funny.

Everyone is rolling and scooting all over the place and it looks like within a week or so they will be fully crawling. It seems both have found their voices and love to scream out loud.

Sleeping was getting pretty bad again with all the moving and rolling in bed so we had to invest in some bumpers to keep arms and legs from sticking out of the crib. Since regular bumpers can cause suffocation, we bought "breathable" bumpers that are mesh. It's a certainty one of them wakes up every 4-5 hours to eat and then go back out. You can tell when Silas is up for good when he doesn't wake up upset, instead he wakes up talking and hooting and hollering.

They both can get up on all fours now and Grace has mastered the art of the log roll. The only problem is she only goes one way so she eventually runs out of room so you have to turn her around and back she goes. No teeth yet so I'm starting to wonder if I jumped the gun on the teething time and should have just put "I love to put everything I touch in my mouth" time on the previous blog posting.

It does seem that every milestone we need to hit has been right on track, so it's encouraging to see things going so well. With the eating at an all time high, the supply of milk is gone sometimes and we have to resort to formula. Why does the formula smell so bad? We hate to use it but, lets face it, as impressive as Sarah's boobs are, they can only do so much. She tried to FCC that comment out, but I wouldn't let her censor me!Anyway, we've been lucky we haven't had to use formula earlier on.

Thank you to Kimberly Courtney for the wonderful cupcake book and many cupcakes will be coming your way for you, Greg, and Macy. My first class at Cornerstone is over and wow, I got an A- in Leadership Studies, who knew. Lets get some warm weather already I need to walk off some winter cabin fever.


  1. I remember Tyler used to wake up with slat marks on his forehead from his crib. It was so cute. Glad everything's going well so far! Good luck keeping up now that they're becoming mobile though.

  2. The cupcakes have to stop after I am not pregnant anymore. . . I have no willpower to limit my intake!!! Thanks for all the treats Cory!!!