Sunday, June 24, 2012

On our way!

Well here's to another great week of weather and fun outside. Our yard has now become full blown hillbilly with the old (but new to us) Fisher Price playset given to us by Papa and Nana. So we now have a mini pool, sandbox, the playset, and a slew of random toys in the yard. My goal is by the next month to have a actual play area set up instead of the clutter we now have.

We play hard all day which makes nap time still on the course of greatness and bed time seems to get easier every week. Grace has been a feisty little monkey this week in a good and bad way. She has been in a great mood but has been testing her boundaries with me and Silas. She seems to think if she looks at me while she is doing something it's OK or I'll just let it go. I can always tell when she is not suppose to be doing something because she gets this little smirk on her face and goes to do it anyway. Remember when you were a  kid and you always wondered how our parents knew we were up to no good? It's because even at this age there are tell tale signs of  a wrong doing about to take place or has just taken place.

We finally have a couch and love seat to sit on after about two months of sitting on a futon and now it has become a climbing circus all day. They have figured out that they can climb on the back of the couch and mess with the thermostat and they think it's funny that I don't like it. Somehow they managed to have the time and temp flash on the screen and I have no idea how it happened or how to change it. As long as it still works who cares!

Our big trip this week was to Binder Park Zoo in Battle Creek. It's not cheap but we had a good time and they could not have been any better. We didn't have any meltdowns and they got in and out of the stroller with no fuss. I was a litte disappointed with the lack of animals there, but it still was a nice time. We even got to feed a giraffe lettuce and he licked Gracie's hand. Silas made enemies with the hyena when he smacked the glass and Mr. Hyena growled at him. It was good to see that we are all getting better about going to places and not stressing each other out over little things. They ended up falling asleep before we left the parking lot of the zoo and had a good nap on the car ride home. Once again we had a successful week and if it would rain I sure would appreciate it. I keep wishing the grass would grow so I can mow with the riding mower. I love that thing!

Mr. Mom Moment of the Week: OK, so this is going to be a rant of sorts this week instead of a moment so bear with me. So we watch the Disney channel from time to time... you know Mickey the Mouse and what not. I've noticed during the time between shows it seems like we are pushing our kids to become Rock Stars! I hope I'm not the only one who doesn't want their kids to be Rock Stars; everything from commercials to the music... it's always involving becoming a Rock Star. Do we really want our kids to aspire to be that? I think we all know what it means to be a Rock Star; it's sex, drugs, and Rock 'n Roll right? I played in bands for many years so I know what that is. What ever happened to kids wanting to be a doctor, or police man, or firefighter? I think we put too much on our kids to look like Rock Stars or act like famous people when really they should be focusing on what's really important: God, Family and a good education. I believe that children are the future, teach them well and let them lead the way... LOL. I look at some of our youth that will control our future and think "Oh Hell No!" I'll end tonight with a clean version of some lyrics by one of my favorite bands, Rage Against the Machine, it speaks volumes of what our kids should be thinking. "Forget the G-ride, I want the machines that are making them."

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