Thursday, January 20, 2011

I Hate To Brag But.......

It's been one full week of just me and the babies since Sarah is now back at work. The morning starts at 4:00 a.m. with Silas getting up for a feeding then going back to bed. Around 7:00 a.m. the whole house gets up and then it is "go" time.

We start our morning with diaper changes, then food with some play time, and back to sleep for about a 30 to 45 min. After our first quick nap, we wake up and do some tummy time and playing on the floor until everyone is hungry. After the noon feeding, it's nap time again, so then I can eat some lunch and start cleaning. After our 12:30 nap, it's more tummy time and playing until we get hungry again. By now the day has flown by and so have the diapers. I had five #2 diapers in one day, so that was fun. Suddently I look at the clock and realize it's close to four already and Sarah gets home around 5:30, and they usually eat and nap for a little bit before Sarah. When she gets home, they eat a little and Sarah gets to play with them. They are morning eaters, and don't each much in the evening though. We usually wind down around 7:30 and both are sleeping on our chests by 8:15...then off to the cribs around 8:45 and time for Sarah and I to eat dinner.

I have found out they sleep alot more than before, so things have been really good...almost too good. Grace and Silas are on the same schedule for eating and naps and these are not forced naps they usually fall asleep eating in my arms. I have found myself totally immersing myself into the homemaker role and loving it. I clip coupons, I made homemade pizza crust and cupcakes, and the house is clean. I try to get everything done so Sarah can have as much time with them at night as possibe and she doesn't have to worry about dinner. I plan on learning at least 2 recipes per week and go from there. I have been addicted to the baby shows on TLC and find myself laughing at the people complaining about one baby being tough only if they knew. I try to blog at least twice a week but for now there is not a lot of action going on. I hate to brag but things have been easier than I thought it would be. It is a lot of fun.

On Monday night, we plopped them in their Bumbos. They are still getting used to it, but it looks funny to see them just sitting there hanging out.

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