Monday, January 10, 2011

What I've Learned

Sarah is taking control of my blog for this week:

As I prepare to go back to work in two days, I have been reflecting on what the past 12 weeks have taught me.

1. Having kids really does change everything. And they are good changes.

2. I may not be able to fit my wedding ring back on my finger yet, but what that ring symbolizes has grown stronger by the day.

3. Diapers are expensive. I didn't truly grasp this until we started going through 22 per day!

4. Things don't always go as planned, and sometimes it turns out better that way.

5. I should work to live, not live to work.

6. Seeing something through the eyes of Grace and Silas far surpasses anything I will ever see on TV.

7. It is possible to fall in love with someone all over again at 3am while finally eating dinner and watching bad late night comedy with unwashed hair, spit-up stained clothes, and a baby in each arm.

8. I have an amazing, nutty, unique, loving, and fantastic family. My children are as lucky as I am to have them.

9. What took 9 months to gain probably really will take 9 months to lose..and thats okay!

10. I truly understand what it means to unconditionally love. It is scary and astounding all at the same time.

I cannot wait to see what the next 12 days, 12 weeks, 12 months, and 12 years bring. Cory and I are blessed beyond words.

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