Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Like A Rolling Baby!

It was an exciting morning. Grace decided she was done laying on her tummy and rolled over to her back. I almost thought I set her down wrong or maybe I tucked her arms under her, but no she did it all on her own. And I have the video to prove it! Yesterday when Sarah's dad was here, she was tipping herself and almost rolling over, so this morning I decided to record her for the first session of tummy time and I almost couldn't believe it when it happened. So much so that I had her do it again just to make sure...she was so smiley afterward!

Silas, on the other hand, just keeps trying to crawl and shows no effort to try and roll. Other then the rolls on his legs, he looks like he is going to skip rolling and go straight to crawling. The days seem to be getting better and better, and after the weekend we are back on scheudule for naps and feedings.

This week's recipies were chicken and dumplings, then today I made chocolate chip muffins from scratch that turned out delicious. So far things are going great and no complants from the babies, so all is good.

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