Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Steady We Go

Things at Puterbaugh Central have been going smooth as can be. The schedule is really playing out quite well. Play time seems to be getting longer everyday as they seem to not get tired as fast. So play time gets more and more exciting everyday with new toys we received from Nana and Papa in the form of a exersaucer and Baby Einstein. They both really enjoy standing up and can almost touch the ground in them. We put foam under their feet so they can push off until they grow a bit more.

No rolling has taken place since the one and only time last Tuesday; maybe it was a fluke? They are both close to rolling over every time we play, but for now Sarah and I just try and encourage them.

This past Monday by 8:00 a.m. I already had changed outfits on Grace, myself and washed the couch cushion covers because Gracie decided to give me her morning feeding via projectile vomit. Poor Grace was so upset as Mr. Silas just looked on waiting for his food with no care as to what just occurred. But all was fixed and the day continued just as if nothing ever happened.

I'm finding out my acoustic guitar puts Silas in a trance when he listens to my mediocre guitar skills and bad singing, as if I'm the most interesting thing ever. So it's nice to have a audience and sing silly kid songs to them. I'm hoping when they get older we can all sing together and make up songs. I'm hoping to use it as a teaching tool for counting and trying to make things fun and interesting for them.

This week we made chocolate peanut butter chip cookies and homemade pizza which has turned out to be the best crust recipe ever. If I keep cooking like this I'm gonna gain some pounds so thankfully the snow shoveling gave me some good exercise and I actually turned down a neighbors help with a snow blower ( what was I thinking ).

So until next time GO STEELERS! The terrible towel will be waving in the Puterbaugh house.

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