Thursday, June 14, 2012

Ouch Man!

Loving this weather still but where is the rain? The yard is starting to look a little rough and it's too big to water so I may have to do a rain dance.

So remember last week when I said we have no new injuries to report? Well that all changed Wednesday when Silas stepped on a thorny weed and got a couple of the nettles stuck in his toe. Needless to say he was not a happy little boy but managed to tough it out until I could pull them out with tweezers. He walked with a little limp and kept saying "ouch toe, ouch toe." Then Grace was sitting at her new table and chair set when the chair tipped back and her foot got caught under the chair as she fell on it. I really thought something was going to be broken with the way it happened but after some tears and comfort she was ok... but I was a little worried. So I'm hoping we can say "injury free" this time next week so OSHA doesn't come in here and give me a fine.

The new favorite thing to do is sit at the little table and chair set we got from IKEA and either color or read books. Coloring is probably the top of the list and I make sure I'm right there next to them so someone doesn't go running off and do some decorating... but overall they are really good about staying and drawing on the paper.

My latest project was building them a picnic table and it turned out great! All that's left to do is stain it and clear coat it so we can keep it outside to eat lunch and snacks on. They love sitting on it and I think it's going to come in handy this summer. I think next thing to build will be some chairs and finally put Si's work bench together so he can build things like his Dad does. Bob the Builder has nothing on me!

The other day we went around the whole yard and Grace picked little yellow flowers and put them in a cup she was carrying. We were out there for quite a while and she amassed a good collection of flowers, which she then took to the deck and dumped them out into a bigger bucket. I wish I knew what she was thinking sometimes when she gets that serious focus face on and puts things from one place to another and back again.

All in all, another good week at Camp Puterbaugh and we are even taking some Spanish lessons, thanks Dora the Explorer!

Mr. Mom Moment of the Week: I love hot weather, the hotter the better so I'm usually never wearing a shirt or shoes during the summer time. This past week I dressed the kids to go outside and put Grace in a wife beater tank top without shorts, Silas had just his diaper on, and I was my typical shorts-no shirt self. I can't help but think with all my tattoos and the way they looked we looked like a scene from an episode of Cops. All the toys in the yard, the dogs laying around and a couple of badasses playing in a pool with water soaked  diapers. It was a thing of beauty!

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