Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Worker Bees

What great weather we have been having, I hope you are enjoying it as much as we are! We have been taking advantage of this weather by playing outside all the time and enjoying the fresh breeze through the windows. We recently got the kids some little golf clubs and a sand box. The clubs have been carried all around and they try to hit the ball with the clubs most of the time. The other times they just take the clubs out and put them back in the holder over and over again, mainly Grace (the organizer). The sand box was given to us by a coworker of Sarah's. It's even filled with Pure Michigan sand from Lake Michigan beach, if you can believe it. I'm sure eventually we will have to fill it with sand from the bags at Lowe's but for now it's nice to have. A table will be next on our list of things to get so we can sit outside and color and eat lunch. I want to build one but we will see, I hate to buy things that I know I can do myself.

With the yard being so big and open I can wander around and do some landscaping and they stay right by the deck. Other times they follow me around and actually help with cleaning up. I did some bush trimming and they helped me carry it all the way to the fire pit across the yard. Then they would stack the trimmings into several piles as I cut it. Who knew I could put them to work so young? Si tried to eat a flower from the one bush and quickly spit it out with an awful face, so I hope he doesn't try that again at least with that plant. I made up a game of running from tree to tree and touching it to wear them out before nap and they love it. Silas has this fascination with holding a rock always and yes, he has even tasted them. So far we have had little to no injuries, even after Si took a tumble off the deck, he just got up, cried for a minute, and went back at it. If he doesn't know he's hurt he seems to not even bother with tears and just moves on. Grace on the other hand gets dirt on her and it's Scream Fest 2012 until it's washed off.

Our sounding of words has increased everyday and Grace has now caught up to Si with putting multiple words together like "Hello mama" "dog dog no". She loves to yell for the dogs when we want them to come inside and I'm slowly trying to teach them the names of the dog,s but when you have a dog named Monkey it's not the easiest thing to do. I have still had great success at nap time and Grace on occasion with fall asleep before I put Si down... sometimes I peek in on her and she sees me and starts to laugh so how can I get mad at that? I'm not sure if our old house had bad juju or what, but this house has made all of us feel more relaxed and at ease more then ever. So thanks again to our realtor Greg Courtney and Nana for helping with the move. So until next week... keep on keeping on.

Mr. Mom Moment of the Week: Ok, so nothing real crazy has happened lately but I will say that I pushed-mowed our yard this past weekend and holy crap was I tired. It took me two days and 2 1/2 hours each day to finish it. I thought my mower was going to burn up but I got it done. I just got a rider this week so good bye walking and hello sitting on my butt listening to headphones as I mow. Yes it does have a cup holder, if your wondering, which will have a beer in it.

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