Tuesday, May 29, 2012

New and Improved

So the move is official and we are all settled into the new house. What a difference everything has been since we moved into a bigger house. The sleeping around here has improved by 100% for the kids, which means it has improved 100% for parents too. Nap time has never been so easy and when I put Grace in her crib so I can go lay Silas down, she just lays there or looks through her book until I come and get her all tucked in. It's been just great! It has been a long haul with them and sleeping but we seem to have turned a huge corner and I think we are actually better than ever.

Silas continues to talk all the time and is starting to get quite the little personality. He loves attention and often cracks up when we laugh at him or if he sees something that he deems funny. It's always go time with him and he never holds back his energy until he wears himself out and then he is a great snuggler. Grace, well she is Grace. She is so precise with her decision making and has to have things in order or else she gets all flustered. We were playing in some mud we made by their little pool and Si loved it! As soon as Grace got mud a tiny bit of mud over her hands she went yelling to Sarah to have her wash it off, what a girl. You can't teach that stuff it's just how different some boys and girls are.

Getting a big back yard was the best thing we could have ever done. Not only can we wander for hours but I can let one go alone and still see them in sight and not worry about them getting hurt. We are in need of some outside toys now so were going to figure out what they would like best. For now they love the little pool and putting the mulch into buckets and their little wagon then dumping it out only to start over again. Everyday seems to get a little easier and they seem to improve with talking and how they interact with each other.

Wrestling is still an all time favorite around here and it seems like they take turns on who wins. I end this week sitting here looking out the back yard listening to the birds, in awe at the beauty which surrounds us. Take time to stop and listen, look around, and enjoy how peaceful nature really is if you can.

Mr. MOM Moment of the Week: So we're at the grocery store and we always go and get a cookie at the counter (they are free to little kids if you didn't know). It seems to make the trip easier. Here is Grace with a white dress shirt on and her hands are covered in chocolate. Oops! We forgot to bring in the diaper bag so now what? I did what any Dad would do... I put her little fingers in my mouth and sucked the chocolate right off! She was laughing at me the whole time but I didn't want to ruin her clothes. Someday she will appreciate that...I hope!

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